Furnley House survive going ‘Into the Wild’

July 17,2017 - Stefan Fura

Supporting our local community is one of our key business values. Fundraising and raising awareness for charities local to our offices is one of the ways in which we seek to get involved and help to make a difference.  As part of this, last weekend four of our staff members from our Leicester office took part in the ‘Into the Wild’ challenge to raise awareness and funds for LOROS, a

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Client Feedback for 2017: Quarter 2

July 03,2017 - Furnley House

Pictured above are some of our team.  We are very proud of our client centric advice and regularly ask for our clients’ opinions and feedback. Here are a small selection of the comments we received over the last few months: ‘We have come to expect a very high level of service from all at Furnley House. Paul and Stefan gave us exactly what we expected, they were both extremely professional,

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How retirement has changed

June 29,2017 - Neil Haley

One of the most common areas we provide advice on is pensions and retirement, and how people plan for theirs has been changing over the years. Retirement used to be seen as a one-off event whereas it can now be seen more as a process, reflecting changes in society and recent pension freedoms. This process sometimes starts many years before retirement and continues well into later life.   One of

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Importance of advice in uncertain times

June 22,2017 - Neil Haley

In periods of political and economic uncertainty, getting independent financial advice is more important than ever.   Helping you feel in control Everyone wants a secure future for themselves and their family, but with the unstable economy you may be wondering how it is best to achieve this. By taking control of your finances, we can help you reduce worry by finding the financial products and solutions most suitable for

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Our commitment to sustainable advice

June 20,2017 - Stefan Fura

Pictured above is some of our team  Our mission is to help more people lead the lives they want to live and as part of this we are committed to ensuring we have a sustainable advice process, not just for our current clients but for younger people as well.   We believe that access to affordable financial advice is critical for the success of future generations. Younger and less affluent

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Money Marketing Retirement Summit

June 14,2017 - Furnley House

Having spent two eventful days last week at a conference, I thought it was a good time to give an update and insight into the type of events we attend as a business to better shape our offering to clients. The Money Marketing Retirement summit is an annual event that is considered the flagship event in the pensions industry calendar. It brings together business leaders from some of the UK’s

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Our reaction following the election results

June 09,2017 - Stefan Fura

With the UK plunged into a period of political uncertainty, market commentators expect increased pressure on Sterling and a more difficult period for domestic focused UK stocks and the mid 250 index. However, with the prospect of a hard Brexit receding and the potential for a weaker Sterling this could benefit FTSE 100 companies, as we have seen over the last 12 months.   As ever, our approach at Furnley

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Meet Our Team: Neil Haley

June 06,2017 - Stefan Fura

  Name: Neil Haley   Job Role: Senior Partner and Independent Financial Adviser   Location:  Leicester   What inspired you to set up Furnley House? Myself, John and Stefan were running our own individual businesses and it soon became clear that by sharing ideas and best practices we could become more efficient and provide better outcomes for our clients. Although Furnley House has grown at a rapid rate over the

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Meet our team: Paul Fazackerley

May 31,2017 - Stefan Fura

  Name: Paul Fazackerley   Job Role: Independent Financial Adviser   Location: Leicester and Northamptonshire   When did you join Furnley House? July 2016, though I have been a financial adviser since 2008.   What does your job entail? Most of my day is spent talking to both new and existing clients as well as undertaking research and preparing for meetings. My speciality is corporate clients and I’ve built up

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Furnley House go Into the Wild for LOROS

May 26,2017 - Furnley House

Four brave Furnley House staff members, Stef, Kieran, Joel and Dave are leaving their normal comforts behind and being abandoned in a mystery location to raise over £1200 for LOROS. They will have to survive for 36 hours by themselves, while facing numerous challenges such as building fires, shelter building and night navigation.   Kieran Ladyman, one of the participants, said ‘I’m looking forward to the challenge, but I’m worried

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