The Covid crisis: Is now the time to retire?

January 14,2021 - George Simpson

For many people, the Covid pandemic has strained working situations, brought unexpected redundancies and has changed expectations for the future. For those approaching retirement in this situation, the question they are asking is: do I have enough money saved to be able to stop working and retire now? How much money do I need in retirement? How much money you need to have saved in order to retire is based

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What’s happened to all the toilet paper?

March 11,2020 - John Woolhouse

Our blog is for your general interest. Whether or not it applies to your current financial position, please feel free to share it with friends, family, or colleagues who may be interested. What’s happened to all the toilet paper? In our previous blog we talked about how the Coronavirus outbreak was impacting markets. Just a few days later, and as if worrying about the potential impact of Covid-19 wasn’t enough,

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Brexit, Coronavirus, what’s next?

February 26,2020 - John Woolhouse

23 June 2016 was a day that divided the country and Brexit became real…1,343 days later, we’re now leaving the EU after numerous conversations, promises and ups and downs! But what does it mean for investments? We understood a leave would mean devaluation of sterling. Not so bad for exporters and brilliant for FTSE large cap. Why? Because they make profit overseas and a weaker £ means the same profits

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MPs vote on Brexit – don’t panic!

January 14,2019 - Neil Haley

This week news headlines will be running into political overdrive with the latest instalment of the Brexit show as MPs vote on Theresa May’s proposed deal. Whatever the outcome, one thing we can guarantee is that the financial markets will react. How much and in what direction is entirely dependent upon the perceived impact of the vote result. If the outcome is believed to be good news for companies, the

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Local IFA firm makes Shortlist in Professional Adviser awards

December 10,2018 - Furnley House

Furnley House, has been recognised for outstanding knowledge, skills and commitment to client care in the Professional Adviser of the Year awards. Furnley House are incredibly pleased to announce they have been shortlisted for the Adviser Firm of the Year in the Midlands and East Anglia region for the 2019 Professional Adviser awards. The team took a collaborative approach to entering the awards and used the skill and knowledge of

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Budget Statement 2018

October 30,2018 - John Woolhouse

This was the first budget statement delivered on a Monday since 1962, and the last budget delivered before the UK officially exits the European Union. Philip Hammond brought the budget statement forward from the traditional Wednesday, primarily to avoid the press using Halloween related headlines. Unfortunately for him, I don’t think many are going to let him get away that easily, so let’s see whether Hammond’s budget delivered a trick

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Make sure it’s not a scam

August 07,2018 - Neil Haley

Be careful, it could be a scam… We’ve all had the emails; an unknown person claiming to be from Nigeria and offering to transfer a fortune to us, provided we can first cover some relatively small costs to process the transfer…definitely like a scam A lot of people were caught out and fell for the scam when these emails first started coming through in the 1990’s,. It’s easy to understand

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It’s coming home…

July 11,2018 - John Woolhouse

It’s coming home, it’s coming home, football’s coming home… Whether intentional or not, over the last couple of weeks you’ll have found yourself continuously singing this under your breath. This zombie like movement hails to the fact that for once England are doing rather well at the World Cup. In fact this is England’s most successful campaign since 1990 when they last reached the semi-finals. And if they win tonight,

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How the Budget might affect you

November 23,2017 - John Woolhouse

It’s one the biggest events of the year that affects your finances, so what did Phillip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer say in this week’s Budget that may affect you? Here’s a few thoughts from the Managing Director of Furnley House, Stefan Fura. There were a few things announced that I believe will impact our clients and their families. Stamp Duty The first major headline was the change to stamp

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How the rise in Interest Rates might affect you

November 03,2017 - Neil Haley

The Bank of England has this week made a change to interest rates; the first rise in a record ten years. The last time we saw a rise was in July 2007. The rate has been increased by 0.25% to 0.5% and it has come as no surprise as it had been expected and predicted by many. Whilst there is lots of media attention and coverage on this, we should

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