Saving into a pension for a grandchild or godchild.

June 10,2021 - Paul Fazackerley

Saving into a pension for a grandchild or godchild. Locking money away until your child is in their 50s may seem a strange idea when there are so many expenses for a child that may be more urgent. Driving lessons, university fees and buying a home are all financial hurdles that will come first. The advantage of being a grandparent or godparent is that you are able to provide the

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Family Fortunes

May 27,2021 - Matt Hughes

Family Fortunes was a British television game show which first aired in 1980 and ran for over twenty years. It was such a beloved and popular show that it was revived last year, this time bringing in a range of celebrity guests. The game involves two families providing answers to everyday questions that were surveyed by 100 members of the British public before the show (e.g., ‘Name something usually done

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Playing the long game.

May 13,2021 - John Woolhouse

Playing the long game. I went to buy a bunch of flowers from a florist at the weekend. There was a customer in front of me who wasn’t happy with the limited choice of foliage, and didn’t really believe the florist’s explanation that there were problems with their normal supply of flowers and materials. The pandemic has caused many problems for businesses, and when there is disruption to the chain

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From start-up to fast-growing business: Getting to grips with becoming an employer

April 15,2021 - Neil Haley

From start-up to fast-growing business: Getting to grips with becoming an employer If you are thinking about employing staff, your business is obviously doing well and growing. Hiring staff is an exciting next step for any aspiring company. It may be that you have secured a large contract and need a lot more help, your workload is becoming too much for you to manage alone or you are joining up

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Taking tax-free cash from your pension at 55: It should be a last resort.

April 01,2021 - Steve Collier

Taking tax-free cash from your pension at 55: It should be a last resort. Covid has brought financial challenges for many people. Some have faced significant loses either with redundancy or damage to their business. Many people have been forced to make changes, to take jobs they may not have previously considered and to adjust to significant lifestyle changes. When people are financially vulnerable, there comes an unstoppable flow of

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ISA Deadline: Monday 5th April 2021

February 25,2021 - John Woolhouse

Whether you are an experienced investor or you are starting to save and invest for the first time, we are here to help you get the most from your 2020/2021 ISA allowance. With just five weeks left until the end of this tax year, now is a good time to get organised if you want to avoid missing the 5th April deadline. An ISA is the shortened name for Individual

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Divorce and Pension: Why forfeiting pension money in divorce could be a mistake

February 11,2021 - Paul Fazackerley

Emotions can run high when a marriage or civil partnership comes to an end. If you are facing divorce, then understanding how valuable pensions are in that conversation is extremely important. Pensions are often one of the most valuable savings pots grown during a marriage. Those who divorce later in life can often hold sizeable pension savings, and in some cases they might be as large as the value of

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Lockdown: Not everyone shares the same financial story.

January 28,2021 - Steve Collier

The fear of catching Covid 19 has brought profound lifestyle changes, and for many the pandemic has brought financial challenges. Yet, with society in crisis mode, it may be that not everyone shares the same financial story during the pandemic. Sadly, some people have faced the difficulty of redundancy, unexpected job changes and financial strain in the past months. But for others, work or retirement has carried on: whilst there

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New (Tax) Year, New Me

April 18,2020 - John Woolhouse

On the first of January it is customary for us to step forward with our best laid plans as we proclaim “this is going to be the best year ever!” and “this is going to be my year!” Such bold statements are usually followed by: “I’m joining the gym!” “I’m going to get a new job this year!” “I’m going to stop watching rubbish on TV!” Usually, by about three

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What’s happened to all the toilet paper?

March 11,2020 - John Woolhouse

Our blog is for your general interest. Whether or not it applies to your current financial position, please feel free to share it with friends, family, or colleagues who may be interested. What’s happened to all the toilet paper? In our previous blog we talked about how the Coronavirus outbreak was impacting markets. Just a few days later, and as if worrying about the potential impact of Covid-19 wasn’t enough,

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