Our disciplined investment approach

December 11,2017 - John Woolhouse

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin Clients’ needs are at the forefront of the Furnley House financial planning service and investment proposition and our mission is to help more people to live the life they want to live. Our disciplined investment approach has been designed with our clients in mind.  We all have different needs and requirements, so we understand that the risk and reward structure

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How the rise in Interest Rates might affect you

November 03,2017 - Neil Haley

The Bank of England has this week made a change to interest rates; the first rise in a record ten years. The last time we saw a rise was in July 2007. The rate has been increased by 0.25% to 0.5% and it has come as no surprise as it had been expected and predicted by many. Whilst there is lots of media attention and coverage on this, we should

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Because it’s never too early…

October 06,2017 - John Woolhouse

Is there a typical age when clients seek financial advice? Is it something associated with ‘older people’ because they are naturally more affluent having worked for longer and have more assets? Do the younger generation avoid getting advice? Following on from an earlier blog ‘Is there an advice gap?’ we decided to try and find out. Our Whitepaper We’re delighted with our very first whitepaper, but moreover we’re keen to

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Saving for your children’s future

August 16,2017 - Neil Haley

As A Level results day approaches, it’s that time of year when students begin to prepare to move away and to get ready for the next stage of their education. Saving for your children’s future For parents, the cost of university can be an extremely expensive time, particularly if they have more than one child but it pays to plan ahead. As a new, full-time student ready to begin an

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How retirement has changed

June 29,2017 - Neil Haley

One of the most common areas we provide advice on is pensions and retirement, and how people plan for theirs has been changing over the years. Retirement used to be seen as a one-off event whereas it can now be seen more as a process, reflecting changes in society and recent pension freedoms. This process sometimes starts many years before retirement and continues well into later life.   One of

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Importance of advice in uncertain times

June 22,2017 - Neil Haley

In periods of political and economic uncertainty, getting independent financial advice is more important than ever.   Helping you feel in control Everyone wants a secure future for themselves and their family, but with the unstable economy you may be wondering how it is best to achieve this. By taking control of your finances, we can help you reduce worry by finding the financial products and solutions most suitable for

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Our commitment to sustainable advice

June 20,2017 - Stefan Fura

Pictured above is some of our team  Our mission is to help more people lead the lives they want to live and as part of this we are committed to ensuring we have a sustainable advice process, not just for our current clients but for younger people as well.   We believe that access to affordable financial advice is critical for the success of future generations. Younger and less affluent

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