Cohabiting During Divorce

October 04,2021 - Paul Fazackerley

Cohabiting During Divorce Continuing to live with your partner after you have decided to end your relationship is not ideal, but more couples are finding themselves in the complicated situation of having to co-habit. Whilst most people want a clean break and to move on, it may not be as fast or straightforward if you jointly own the property in which you currently live and have an obligation to carry

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Protecting your income when you are self-employed

September 16,2021 - Kevin Dunn

Protecting your income when you are self-employed The number of self-employed people in the UK has reached record levels. According to the most recent figures released by the office for National Statistics (ONS) over five million people are in self-employment, which is around 15% of the working population*. The freedom of being your own boss is one of the many appeals of being self-employed. The choice to be able to

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Income Protection: offering security in uncertain times

April 08,2021 - Kevin Dunn

Income Protection: offering security in uncertain times Covid has meant that many of us are looking at ways to navigate the future and to shape a life around living with a constantly evolving virus. How we live, work and even celebrate life’s happiest and saddest moments has, and is changing. As financial advisers we are constantly being asked how to best prepare financially when there is so much uncertainty. At

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Private Medical Insurance: enhancing your NHS care

March 25,2021 - Kevin Dunn

Private Medical Insurance: enhancing your NHS care. The NHS and its team of staff have provided a remarkable level of care and service to the country this past year. NHS resources have been stretched to capacity because of the Covid pandemic and the subject of healthcare has never been more in focus. Private Medical Insurance, or Health Insurance as it is sometimes called, is a hot topic right now, and

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Protect your business: protect your key people

March 04,2021 - Kevin Dunn

Taking out an insurance policy on the life of your business partner almost sounds like the start of a plot for a Midsomer Murders story. But insuring the life of someone with whom you run a business or who is a key employee is sensible financial planning, and it can help to avoid unfortunate plot twists with your company. When a business is owned or run by more than one

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Life Insurance: An Easy Guide For Parents

February 04,2021 - Kevin Dunn

Children change your life in an incredible way: more cares, more joys and a lot more responsibility. That responsibility includes taking care of your family under all circumstances, which is why updating or buying a basic life insurance policy should be at the top of your family financial planning list. What is a life insurance policy? Life insurance helps give your family financial protection if you were to die. It

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Should I gamble on income protection?

November 27,2018 - Kevin Dunn

Do you ever buy a lottery ticket? If so, how do you pick your numbers? Is it based on numbers that are important to you, or perhaps rather you just go for a lucky dip? Maybe you take a statistical approach and look at factors such as the most commonly drawn numbers (in case you’re wondering, it’s ball number 54). Or how about that gut feeling about which balls feel

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