Celebrating the opening of our office in Leamington Spa

March 22, 2018 - Reena Patel

Earlier this week, a few clients, professional connections, and friends joined us as we informally celebrated the opening of our office in Leamington Spa.

We were delighted to also be joined by the Town Mayor of Royal Leamington Spa, Councillor Caroline Evetts.


To keep the evening all things financial, our guest speaker was Rory McPherson, Head of Investment Strategy from Psigma Investment Management and to add a different twist to Rory’s economic update, we also simultaneously hosted wine tasting, with sommelier, James Blick.

Rory and James took our guests along a global economic wine tasting journey.

The journey begins

We began at home, in the UK, where we were given a taste of a lovely English white wine from one of the most planted grapes in the UK.  As we enjoyed our home country delight, our guests listened to how the UK Economy is the 7th biggest in the world and naturally, the current conversation here is dominated by Brexit. Good to hear that the job market is strong, and unemployment is low, however, wage inflation also remains low.  Statistics report that there is likely to be a rate rise in May. Interestingly, the UK is contrasting to many other countries worldwide in that growth is poor and inflation is too high.


Moving across to the other side of the world

We left Europe and moved into Asia and more specifically sampled New Zealand as James informed us that wine from this country is set to grow and that 9.4% will be distributed into the UK by 2020. New Zealand is a small economy that is doing very well as they didn’t really have a recession, leaving the New Zealand dollar strong.

Leaving another lovely white, our guests were next given a red wine to taste from France and heard from Rory how there is currently some political uncertainty due to recent elections, however, the stock market remains strong.


Staying with red, our penultimate wine, and economic update was based on South America. Serving an Argentinian Malbec, we enjoyed an award-winning wine that was the winner of the international wine challenge in 2014.  By 2020, Argentina is predicted to increase its volume of wine exports by 10.4% and overall New World wines will exceed Europe.  In comparison, the economy isn’t quite as strong. Having defaulted on its foreign debt several times the region’s economy is however generally growing.

And finally, a triple gold winner

For those of us who still wanted to try more, our final wine of the evening was a Triple Gold Winner Dessert wine from North America, produced from the World’s toughest grape variety due to the temperature it can endure.  Interestingly, the grape used is picked in December at the coldest moment, -10ºC!  As we tried this Ice wine, we heard from Rory how Trump’s suggestion of trade wars are causing concern but could be his way of trying to negotiate better trade deals.

Final thoughts

All in all, a very interesting evening. Great wine, great economic insights, supported by The Town Mayor and all of our lovely guests.  So, once again, thank you all for coming.

We’ve some exciting events coming up at Furnley House. It’s our 5th birthday next month which we plan to celebrate with our staff.

As previously announced, we’re also committed to helping our chosen charity this year, Alex’s Wish. Founded in late 2012 by Emma and Andy Hallam, Alex’s parents, the charity has the sole aim of eradicating Duchenne, an aggressive form of Muscular Dystrophy that affects 1 in every 3,500 boys born and results in total paralysis.

To help raise an ambitious contribution towards Alex’s Wish, we’re organising a Summer Ball – please save the date – June 23rd.

More information alongside details as to how to purchase tickets will be shared very soon so please keep following!