Company Pensions

A practical way through

With increasing regulatory oversight of company sponsored pensions, whether the arrangement is a traditional occupational pension or a workplace scheme put in place to meet your auto enrolment obligations as an employer, good management is essential.

Our experience covers both trust-based and contract-based pension schemes. In trust-based arrangements, whether defined benefit (DB) or defined contribution (DC), the pension scheme assets are held by trustees to manage, who have the responsibility to act in the best interest of members. With contract- based schemes – typically either a Master Trust such as NEST or a Group Personal Pension plan – these responsibilities fall on the employer.

Because of auto enrolment, there are increased obligations on employers to ensure that the DC scheme they have in place, whether trust or contract based, is designed to produce good outcomes for members as well as offering value for money to them. This is because in these schemes all of the investment risk falls on the member.

Our governance framework will be designed around your requirements to deliver the best possible value to both you as an employer and to your employees, ensuring your scheme remains compliant with the standards set out by the Pensions Regulators or the Financial Conduct Authority.

Auto enrolment obligations apply to every business employing more than one person. While the requirements may seem quite straightforward, the process can be both complex and daunting.

We enable companies to assess staff effectively and complete the processes efficiently. Most of our clients already have a pension provider, but if you don’t or you’d like to revisit this then we can help you to find and implement an appropriate Work Place Pension Scheme.

Our support extends to making presentations to your staff, to explain and offer guidance, as well as providing tailored financial advice to any member of your team who needs it.