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Wellness Wednesday – 17 Feb

Wellness Wednesday – 17 Feb

Gail Finch from 3steps4ward is a Pilates instructor and also qualified in massage, aromatherapy and reflexology and loves Crossfit! 

Join Gail on Wednesday 17th at 4pm for a Pilates session to help you take control of your mind and body.

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Gail’s story:

Gail worked for more than 25 years in Higher Education in variety of roles from recruitment to academic and pastoral student support. Early in 2010 (the year of a milestone birthday) whilst working in a senior management role, long hours and lots of stress, with aging parents and a teenage son, she realised she needed to change her work life balance and start to live a heathier lifestyle. 

She started to go to the gym more regularly to eat better and to try to drink more water and less coffee and alcohol.  It wasn’t an overnight “it’ s a miracle”, She gradually lost weight, enjoyed exercising got slowly fitter and stronger, suddenly realised she was enjoying life more and controlling her stress. 

Then in 2015, 3.5 stone lighter, three dress sizes smaller she was offered an opportunity to take
redundancy  and very quickly realised that although it was a big scary step it offered her the opportunity to change her life completely and retrain.

It took me a while to work out the best way to use my skills and experience to support others towards happier heathier lives. 

Once I worked out how to make the best use of her skills and experience to help others lead happier lives, ‘3steps4ward – Mind Body Balance’ was born. Pilates is not just a physical activity it is very much a way to take control of your mind and your body. 

Gail rediscovered the joy of learning qualifying first in Pilates since then she has added massage, aromatherapy and reflexology to her offer alongside specialising in pre and post natal Pilates, Pilates for back, knee and hip problems and work with clients pre and post operation, injury recovery on a one to one basis as well as more general small group sessions.

She is always updating her skills or learning new ones and although her background training is
classical Pilates, and this underpins everything that she does, she brings together her wide range of knowledge to keep sessions fun, challenging and different to keep  clients progressing.

Gail has a number of corporate clients who she used to visit on site and offer Pilates and Massage for realignment and stress management. In mid March 2020, she quickly adapted her business to allow her to run her sessions online and was up and running immediately with no time to worry about not liking being on camera!   

She’s run group sessions outdoors, in her studio and on zoom over the last 12 months, Gail has been inundated with requests to help people deal with the lockdowns in 2020.

Who knows what 2021 will bring next but whatever it is Gail is definitely up for the challenge. 

For more information visit www.3steps4ward.co.uk