Furnley House survive going ‘Into the Wild’

July 17, 2017 - Reena Patel

Supporting our local community is one of our key business values. Fundraising and raising awareness for charities local to our offices is one of the ways in which we seek to get involved and help to make a difference.  As part of this, last weekend four of our staff members from our Leicester office took part in the ‘Into the Wild’ challenge to raise awareness and funds for LOROS, a charity providing free, high-quality, compassionate care and support to terminally ill patients, their families and their carers.

Stefan, Joel, Dave and Kieran gave up their weekend and joined the challenge as a Furnley House team to survive 36 hours in an isolated woodland with very limited supplies.

As they began their experience, the main challenge was to build a shelter to sleep in. They succeeded in creating one made from tree branches and leaves – and they even managed to build three rooms!  Ed Stafford, the first person to walk the length of the Amazon river, saw their efforts and was apparently very impressed. According to Kieran, the worst thing about sleeping in the shelter was that bugs would often drop out of the roof and onto them while they were trying to sleep. As well as the shelter, they also had to build and maintain a fire, which is easier said than done when the all the surrounding wood is damp.

Next challenge was to win food, and to do this, the team had to take on a ‘bush tucker trial’ style event where they had to eat various bugs. The chocolate covered ants weren’t too bad but a Water Beetle that Joel ate tasted like ‘fishy pork’. Even when they had eaten enough bugs to get some more ‘normal’ food, the challenge wasn’t over as they had to remove the organs from a rabbit before making a stew from it. No cutlery was provided so they then had to whittle spoons out of wood to be able to eat.

Other challenges they faced included archery, navigation and dealing with a lack of sleep and food. We look forward to seeing the photos that were taken during the course of the weekend, so please take a look on our social media pages over the next few days where we will share them.

Their team efforts have raised over £1,350 so far.  If you would like to support them but more importantly the fantastic charity that is LOROS, you can donate here.