TrustPilot review from Garry Aldous

Without Doubt, our Financial Planning Partners of Choice.

In the 2+ years that my wife and I have been using Furnley House to manage our investment portfolios, the service we have received has been nothing short of exemplary.

Our Financial Planner (SC – you know who you are) offers an extremely personal and professional service. I don’t recall ever having to wait more than 24 hours for a response to any query we’ve made and, to-date, the advice and guidance has resulted in very satisfactory growth on our portfolio values.

I suspect what makes Furnley House so nimble is its size (approximately 40 personnel I believe). So, unlike the ‘big boys’ of this industry, the Furnley House team must feel they significantly contribute to the company’s well-being, and this shines through in the way they treat their customers – at least that’s my experience.

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