Happy 5th Birthday: May the fourth be with you…

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May 23, 2018 - Stefan Fura

The force was definitely with Furnley House this year; not only was it Star Wars day, it was also our 5th birthday!

To mark the occasion, staff from all 3 of our offices got together and the team gathered at the grand Cathedral Quarter Hotel in Derby. Celebrating not only our birthday but also 5 years of hard work, incredible growth and most importantly fantastic teamwork!

The day was a great opportunity for us to look back at how much we’ve collectively achieved during these 5 years. Some of these fantastic achievements included:

  • – Moving into our office in 2013, our first home in Syston
  • – Tripling our 2012 turnover in 2013
  • – Sponsorship with the Leicester Riders in 2014
  • – 9 new staff members joining Furnley House in 2015
  • – Introduction of a new IT system in 2016 to make our processes quicker and more professional
  • – The opening of offices in Leamington Spa and Northern Ireland in 2016
  • – Growth of the team to over 30 members of staff

Question Time

Anthony Sutton, our HR Consultant kicked our birthday off by putting a spotlight on the Directors. They were each asked to share with the staff about when it all began, why they chose Furnley House and their ambitions for the future. We really got a true insight into how Furnley House has got to where it is today, and it was great for the staff to all hear this.

Stefan Fura, Managing Director then talked through some of the wonderful successes of the last 5 years. He shared some great photos of the memorable times the team has had over the years and how its evolved and grown.

One big happy family!

We also some heard some fantastic comments from the staff about why they want to work for Furnley House and how they feel about their colleagues. Many described it as one big family and their powerful words really bought the culture of Furnley House to life.

Here are just some of the reasons why the team joined Furnley House and their greatest moments:

‘Working collectively and getting through the busy period’

‘Learning new skills which I’d never done before’

‘Very different to the run of the mill company, personal and forward thinking. It clearly looked like a challenge that I wanted to be a part of’

‘The difference between the standard of advice and the opportunity to get involved in all the additional areas of the business – there’s a good energy around the place’

‘I actually wanted to go somewhere, I wanted to progress and didn’t want to do just an admin role’

‘They’re looking at what they have today to make it better for tomorrow. That’s not always visible from the outside but when you’re in it, you can clearly see they want to make it a bigger and better place for all the employees’

We felt proud to hear these comments and now…here’s to the next 5 years!