How retirement has changed

June 29, 2017 - Reena Patel

One of the most common areas we provide advice on is pensions and retirement, and how people plan for theirs has been changing over the years. Retirement used to be seen as a one-off event whereas it can now be seen more as a process, reflecting changes in society and recent pension freedoms. This process sometimes starts many years before retirement and continues well into later life.


One of the key differences between now and ten years ago is how people want to retire. People have more options than before and are often opting for a flexible retirement. This could be in various forms, such as working part time, a career change later in life, volunteering or pursuing new interests and hobbies. Travel is a common goal, indeed one of our clients recently wrote a daily blog as they travelled across Thailand island hopping, which shed light on what can be considered a golden age for retirement. All of these options could benefit from financial advice to ensure that they are affordable and achievable.


Planned correctly, retirement is a new adventure that can be exciting and filled with memories to be enjoyed. Planned poorly, retirement can be filled with dread and worries, making choices between eating properly or heating the house as both are simply unaffordable. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure our clients save for a retirement they have dreamed of and are able to lead the life they want to live.


You only have one chance to retire. There is no second chance and we can work together to achieve the best results we can. To arrange a free initial appointment email or call 0116 269 6311.