Investing in future talent

May 11, 2017 - Reena Patel

Pictured above (Left to Right): Kieran Ladyman, Helen Ibbotson, Joel Burgess and Matthew Lee.

As part of our commitment to sustainable long term growth, Furnley House are dedicated to recruiting and developing young talent. Over recent years, Furnley House have recruited apprentices, interns and graduates – all who have been very successful during their time within the company.  As a result, our business has developed close connections with local colleges and universities.


There are several benefits that come from hiring apprentices and graduates

– Generally speaking, they have a good attitude are keen and committed to learning and developing a career.

– We have the chance to mould and develop someone from an early stage into an employee who will be a real asset to the business over the long term.

– More up-to-date knowledge – particularly with regards to IT and Social Media.

– They learn all aspects of the business from the beginning, so they have a really good understanding how all of the different parts work together.

– Recruiting the right people, who have confidence, means we are continually being challenged on what we do and how we do it – this in turn improves efficiency and the quality of the service we provide to our clients.

– It should mean that we have a sustainable business for many years to come.


One outstanding example of this is Joel Burgess, who started as an apprentice in 2013. He has progressed from Administration through Paraplanning and recently became the Compliance Manager.

‘Since joining Furnley House I have had the opportunity to engage with all areas of the business and find the role that best suits my attributes. By working closely alongside many members of staff it has allowed me to develop my knowledge and skills into the compliance role that I am in today.’