Later Life Planning


If you’re in the thick of working life then you probably won’t be thinking about your later years. But now is the time to act. And if you’re retired or coming up to retirement, we’ll need to act quickly.

We can make it easy to prepare for your potential needs in later life. We take a pragmatic approach based on our own experiences, so you can have those conversations that we understand nobody finds comfortable.

It can be easier if you start by considering your parents’ situation. From there you can begin to take appropriate action, investing specifically for later life while starting to make advance decisions about the kind of care you’d prefer, and who you’d trust to make decisions for you.

We’ll help make sure you have access to any funding which you’re entitled to, including continuing healthcare provision and contributions that form part of fairer charge schemes. And we can help you find an efficient way to finance any shortfall in care funding, including one-off purchase of rest-of-life care.

We stay abreast of the latest guidelines and policies on later life care, and have close relationships with professionals across the sector, including social services, independent mental health advocates, estate planning services and not-for-profit organisations such as the Society of Later Life Advisers.