Pensions and Investments

Pensions and investments? We’re really talking about your big all-time wish list — everything you want life to be for you and your family.

We can help you get a clear picture of your long-term goals and work with you to see them through, drawing on the full range of products available in the market.

Please Note: The value of pensions and investments can fall as well as rise, and you could get back less than you invested.



New arrival

It can be difficult to see how you can save for the future when you’ve just increased your outgoings. We can help you find the best way to tackle the present and plan ahead, for example with life assurance and saving for school fees.

School days

We all want to do the best for our children. Whether that means paying for private education or moving into a better catchment area, we can help you to explore your options then invest appropriately.

University challenge

It’s not uncommon for students to graduate with tens of thousands of pounds in debt, but if you start early it may not cost as much as you think to help them leave university in the black.

Property ladder

You can help your children get a foothold on the property ladder, and even if they don’t need your help, we can ensure they get the mortgage rate and flexibility to suit their circumstances.

Bank of Gran

Increasingly, grandparents are contributing to their grandchildren’s education. There may even be tax benefits, but you need to make sure your own needs are looked after in later life too.

Retirement you deserve

Growing up shouldn’t mean giving up on the things you wished for when you were young. Our pension advice and retirement planning is about helping you to enjoy the retirement you’ve earned.

Later life

Increased life expectancy means increased costs for later life care. It’s tempting to put off thinking about later life, but you’ll also want the best possible care if your health begins to decline.