Richard Billington and Furnley House

Richard Billington has been providing practical financial planning advice to individuals, families and businesses in Leicestershire and the surrounding area since 2003. With a friendly, approachable manner, they take the time to understand the individual needs of their clients. Richard, his wife Debbie and Chartered Financial Planner – Matt have developed the business over the years to build a great rapport with their clients and helped them with their retirement plans.

Debbie & Richard Billington and Matt Hughes

Now Richard is looking forward to his own retirement and wants to make sure his clients are in safe hands and being looked after by the right people. Matt has played a big part in this by starting to build a relationship with many clients and Richard and the team have been doing their research to find the right firm to hand their clients over to.

After months of searching and approaching various companies – large and small, Richard got in touch with John Woolhouse; one of the founders of Furnley House. Furnley House are a group of independent financial planners and mortgage advisers who have grown rapidly since 2013 when they were established, all the time staying true to their values.

After several meetings between Richard and John and both teams across the businesses, Richard felt Furnley House would provide the best solution for the clients that he had worked so hard to help. Both companies shared the same values and commitment to providing a personal client service and the Furnley House team would provide a great opportunity for Matt to grow and use his skills and experience to help Richard’s clients as well as those of Furnley House.

A due diligence period followed and both companies got to know each other incredibly well – helping to cement the idea that this was a great solution for all clients across the companies and now the financials and legals are being worked on to make this official with the aim of completion by Christmas. Richard and  Debbie will be working closely with the Furnley House Operations team to create a smooth transition for clients and Matt will be onboarded as a Furnley House staff member to become part of the Furnley House family.

Richard Billington’s clients will continue to work with Richard and Matt until then and plans and policies will all remain as they are. From January 2020 onwards, Richard, Matt and the Furnley House team will be setting up meetings with clients to discuss how the changes affect them personally and how the transition period will work.

It’s an exciting time for Furnley House as it gets ready to move into it’s new Head Office in Leicester and merging with Richard Billington means the addition of one new Adviser in the team and new clients on it’s books. Richard and Debbie will eventually step away from the business once the transition period is over and enjoy the retirement they’ve worked so hard for.

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