Skydive for Alex’s Wish

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August 09, 2018 - Stefan Fura

Skydive for Alex’s Wish

This Saturday (weather permitting) 2 of our bravest colleagues will be doing a 13,000 foot tandem skydive for Alex’s Wish at the Langar Airfield in Nottinghamshire

The courageous duo will be heading up in a 15-place turbine-powered Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft and then jumping out with an instructor when they’re 13,000ft high. They’ll be free falling for 45-50 seconds, reaching speeds of over 120mph and then they’ll be able to enjoy the amazing views of the Nottinghamshire countryside…

Langar Airfield skydive

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Don’t look down…

It sounds thrilling, but for someone who is afraid of heights, it’s not great at all!

Gordon Rodham, Head of Business Development at Furnley House signed up thinking it would be a great thing to do to contribute towards our charity of the year – Alex’s Wish.  Now the jump is only 2 days away, he had this to say; “I’ve always wanted to do a parachute jump and doing it for charity gives me a great incentive to do it. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now it’s getting closer and I’ve realised what I’m about to do, I’m petrified. I’ve always been afraid of heights and this is going to be one of the bravest things I’m ever going to do (hopefully).”

John Woolhouse, IFA and Senior Partner at Furnley House  initially signed up because Gordon was really good at persuading him it was a good idea at the legendary Furnley House Christmas Party… He said “I thought it was hilarious that Gordon was so scared of heights and agreed to jump with him on the basis that he goes first and I can check he actually does it! Now that it’s here, I’m nervous but looking forward to it, knowing that we’ve raised over £1,000 already is a great incentive to do it, mainly because I’d feel too guilty to everyone that’s supported us if I pulled out!”


John’s been helping Gordon get over his fear of heights and really pushing him to make sure he overcomes this fear. We managed to get a sneak preview of one of their training sessions and wanted to share the clip with you – click on the link below to watch (make sure you have the sound on) and see how they’re getting on:

Gordon training for skydive

Donate now

On a more serious note, the duo have done a great job raising money for Alex’s wish. Read about why we chose to work with Emma Hallam from Alex’s Wish here:

You can still donate to help Alex’s Wish and make sure John and Gordon go through with it: