Pete and Helen Summers

John had worked with the Summers’ previous financial adviser when he was at Co-Op Insurance in the early 2000s. The Summers trusted their first adviser and his recommendation so they started speaking to John whose approach was to understand why the Summers needed financial advice to begin with. John took the time to get to know them and truly understand what they wanted to achieve.

Once he knew they wanted to retire to the Yorkshire Dales and be with their friends, he worked on a plan to help them make that realistic.

The starting point was getting Helen out of a job she wasn’t happy in, John reviewed their finances and helped them to restructure their investments and release funds to allow Helen to stop working and retire comfortably – a lot earlier that they originally thought.

Pete’s plan was to retire at 65 and on the back of Helen’s retirement, he wanted to spend more time with his wife John looked into a number of old pension funds that he had and helped them create a plan which meant they could accelerate Pete’s retirement, so he retired at 61 and move into their dream home in the Yorkshire dales a lot earlier than they thought.

Now, Pete and Helen have moved in to their new home and John works with them remotely and is kept in the loop of all the great things they’ve been up to since retirement.

We asked Helen and Pete how they felt about working with John and here’s what they said: