Furnley House visit the Williams F1 Conference Centre

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July 30, 2018 - Furnley House

Fantastic visit to the Williams F1 Conference Centre

Last Thursday 26th July, some of the Furnley House team were given a great opportunity to visit the Williams F1 Conference Centre in Oxfordshire.

The Williams Conference Centre is home to the largest private collection of Formula One cars in the world. Housing more than 40 of the team’s seminal race cars, the Williams Grand Prix Collection charts the team’s 30+ years of motor racing history. Williams F1 is a company with similar values to ourselves, in particular their innovation into technology is incredibly inspiring and helped us to think outside of the box.

Bernie Sporton from the Foresight Group arranged the visit along with the 2 groups of people who bid the most at our Summer Ball earlier this year. He said “ I was delighted to be able to organise the day for Furnley House, particularly as this raised significant funds for their charity. Both Foresight and Williams are very excited about our joint venture Enterprise Investment Scheme, launched last year, which invests in young exciting small UK businesses, with really good ideas, in the engineering and technology areas. This is a unique proposition, with two major leading brands in their chosen fields, working so closely together. Thanks to our partners at Williams for opening their doors for us and providing such a memorable experience.”

Breakdown of the day

The morning started with a hosted tour of the museum which plots the history of the racing cars from 1979 to date along with the Great British Drivers like Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill and Jenson Button.

Zac Patterson, Client Relationship Manager described the visit as “Incredibly impressive, there was lots to see and learn – the best bit was the range of activity that Williams F1 gets involved in. Also, the one thing that hit me, was that being over 6ft I don’t think I’ll ever be a racing driver, unless they create more space inside the cars, I’m not sure how Nico Hulkenberg gets comfortable when he’s racing!”

Racing car
There was also a tour of the Williams Advanced Engineering facility which Gordon Rodham said was “…definitely my favourite part, it was amazing to see all the exciting things that go on in the facility, from testing to creating weird and wonderful vehicles for people – fascinating experience, I really enjoyed it!”

Steve Collier summarised the day as “Really fascinating – it was great to see the diversification of what they do. They really are looking into improving the future of the automobile industry as well using technology to improve energy efficiency in supermarkets and helping the emergency services create incubators for ambulances that will protect newborns. There’s lots of projects that they’re working on and it was great to learn about them and lunch was great too!”

At the end of the day Gordon said “The only downside was getting into my Nissan Juke at the end and having to drive home in that… 🙁 “