We take the long view

November 17, 2017 - Neil Haley

Our team are a young, vibrant bunch who want to be with you for the long-term; planning ahead and being around to support, advise and help you with your ever-changing financial needs.

Our shared values guide our actions and define how we behave with our clients, our staff, professional connections and our community. We care very much about these, and always consider them as we go about our work and as we look for new people to join our team.


We plan to be around for clients, staff and our communities for generations to come.

We embrace sustainability; environmentally, sociably and financially to ensure that we remain as responsible, as ethical and as successful as possible.

We’re committed to achieving this in a variety of ways…

How we commute

2017 has been described to be a ‘tipping point’ for electric cars. Many of our staff already drive them, with one of their favourites being the Tesla.

The environmental advantages speak for themselves. They don’t emit exhaust fumes which are often the cause of air pollution in heavy traffic areas and with them being much quieter, noise pollution is also reducing.

However, our staff think that the best thing about them is that they are fun to drive!

And even better…they are also cheaper to run. This reduces the company’s expenses on fuel; a saving ultimately passed onto our clients.

Our approach to financial planning

We recently undertook a piece of research to see if there is an advice gap and how we might be able to start helping people earlier in life. We believe that financial advice is critical for the success of future generations. Though this research we discovered that younger people tended to be more worried about immediate financial concerns, such as paying for luxuries or paying rent, than making financial plan for the future. Information like this will be invaluable when it comes to creating/improving an advice process for people who may not traditionally use a financial adviser, such as those who are younger or less affluent.

Developing talent

Many financial advisers are older and may be approaching retirement themselves.

We recruit and develop young talent, which means that we should have a sustainable business for years to come as developing someone from an early stage ensures they are a real asset to the business long term.

The way forward

Furnley House will continue to look at ways to improve both our sustainability as a business and how we can reduce our environmental impact.

If you would like to find out more or to meet a member of our team, please contact us.