Why Furnley House?

We created Furnley House because we saw that financial advice could be different

We've each witnessed the hardship caused by a lack of ethical money guidance - people close to us, struggling to pay for things like retirement or medical treatment, just because they never had the right person there to give good advice.

Furnley House is our answer. It's a real way to help people live the life they want. So here we are, ready and able to provide ethical and independent advice for you, your family and your business.

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    We're truly independent

    Our advisers are free to choose what's best for you, and we have access to the whole market, so we can draw on the full range of different options.

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    We're professionals

    Our team is highly qualified and between us, we have more than 150 years' experience as financial advisers. We've seen the good, the bad and the ugly, and we're determined to raise the bar for our profession.

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    We'll be frank with you

    We want to show you what real transparent financial advice is like. We're entirely unbiased, and if doing nothing is your best option, we'll tell you.

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    We walk in your shoes

    We make your goals our own, and do everything to give you the best possible experience.  We'll make sure everything is fast, simple and done on your terms. Our client testimonials say it all.

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    We take the long view

    Our team is young enough to be with you for the long-term, planning ahead and anticipating your changing financial needs as you move through each stage of life.

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    We take it personally

    It's about relationships, not products. We're looking to build a lifelong partnership with you and your family, as a trusted adviser you can turn to at any time.

How We Work

Being your financial planning partner makes for a particular way of working. Each of our advisers is able to draw on our wealth of in-house expertise, rather than relying on outsourcing. And if you give us a complex challenge, we’re likely to get together and challenge each other until we are sure we’ve got the solution that’s right for you. That way you get the full benefit of our combined expertise. We’ll explain everything clearly and only recommend what fits. If nothing is better than what you’ve already got we’ll tell you.

What to Expect

Above all expect a pleasant surprise. We work on your terms and do everything we can to give you the best possible experience.

Five Steps
Focused on You:

Step One: listening to you

Your Furnley House adviser will meet when and wherever suits you and spend time learning about your financial situation, your plans, your hopes and fears and how you feel about risk.

Step Two: a strategy for you

Our team will get together and talk through everything you’ve told us. We’ll explore the whole market and talk with specialist advisers if necessary to find the best combination of services and products, putting it all together in a personalised plan for you.

Step Three: talking it through

Your adviser will meet up with you again to share the plan and explain our recommendations for achieving your financial goals, taking time to make sure you’re clear and happy about what we’re proposing.

Step Four: wheels in motion

When you’re entirely happy we’ll do the legwork to make sure everything happens in a seamless and timely way. We’ll give you a report setting out our recommendations and your options, and agree with you what level of ongoing support will suit you best.

Step Five: the partnership continues

We’ll stay in touch to keep your plan up to date and make sure things work out over time, as circumstances change. And you can get in touch with your adviser anytime you need to talk.

What's an IFA

An Independent Financial Adviser or IFA is someone who’s professionally qualified to give unbiased guidance on financial matters and recommend suitable financial products from the whole of the market. In 2013 new rules were introduced, setting more stringent requirements for the profession and helping to make sure that all IFAs are properly qualified and in a position to offer truly independent advice.

I’ve had contact with several people in the organisation and received excellent customer service and advice. No pressure, just great advice, tailored to me on top of being extremely responsive. The client portal is the best I’ve seen and keeps everything in one place. Very highly recommended.
R Davis