How We Do Things

Furnley House help people to live the life they want by providing ethical and independent advice to individuals, families, and to businesses.

Clients’ needs are at the forefront of the Furnley House financial planning service and investment proposition and our mission is to help more people to live the life they want to live.

A Tailored Approach

Our approach to investing has been designed with our clients in mind. We’ve carefully constructed a range of model portfolios that aim to meet the investment objectives and risk profiles of most clients.

We all have different needs and requirements so we understand that the risk and reward structure of a portfolio is paramount. We have an investment committee that undertakes research to enable us to shape solutions to meet individual needs and objectives.

Managing your Money

We believe that a conviction-led, long-term approach to investing can deliver the best returns. We encourage realistic expectations and focus on the long-term sustainability of investment solutions.

We prefer fund managers with the experience of managing through economic cycles, through periods of growth and decline in markets. We support managers with conviction in their approach, that have stuck to their investment process over time and believe that superior risk adjusted performance can be achieved through outperformance across cycles.

As well as the experience and credentials of individual investment managers, we also consider the longevity of asset management investment teams, assessing how investment decisions are made in addition to the culture of businesses.

Ongoing Reviews

A disciplined investment and review process means that we regularly monitor and revaluate investment solutions to ensure that they continue to remain suitable.  We believe in an ongoing dialogue with the fund managers in which we invest clients’ capital and we support investment teams over the longer term.

Our collaborative ethos and blend of quantitative and qualitative analysis help us to challenge the behavioural investment biases that can influence critical investment decisions.


Our approach and established research team afford us the capability to invest in newer funds, often ‘under the radar’ to other investors. This is supported by our innovative use of technology to monitor and screen potential opportunities before more detailed analysis is undertaken. We believe there is a place for newer funds alongside more established, proven investment managers.

Our Community

Furnley House is more than our staff and clients, we are a community. We encourage and value the views of all the Furnley House team as well as those of our clients, professional connections and the wider community.

Our investment committee forum embraces and respects the opinions of all committee members.

We believe expertise is critical to successful investing and draw from a broad spectrum of internal and third-party talent as well as taking on board input from a variety of respected external sources.

This collaborative approach allows investment decisions to be inspected and challenged, with client outcomes and their best interests resolutely at the heart of all investment decisions.

Next Steps

If you would like to learn more about Furnley House, how we do things and the services that we offer, irrespective of whether you are an experienced investor or seeking advice for the first time, please get in touch.

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