Our Values

Our shared values guide our actions and define how we behave with our clients, our staff, professional connections and our community.  We care very much about these, and always consider them as we go about our work and as we look for new people to join our team.

We seek to change the world with our vision

Our vision is what builds our story. It sets and constantly refreshes our horizons, empowering us to seek new solutions and ways of doing things. It sets our goals and aspirations. Our vision inspires our work and the work of others, ultimately shaping our ecosystem and the environment around us. Our vision is what keep us ahead of the curve.


We live and work with passion

We love our work. We believe in our vision, our motivations and our ability to deliver. Our success gives us pride in ourselves and each other, driving our desire to do and to achieve more. We focus on the good and improving the lives of others. This is our passion and our passion drives us. Our passion is our superpower; and its infectious nature motivates those around us.


We believe in community

Our business thrives because it is a community. We create value and improve the lives around us because we strive to create community. We recognise that we cannot achieve our higher purpose in isolation, that we require partnership and the talent and support of others; that we need community. As a group, we seek to participate and to deliver positive social, economic and environmental change. Our sense of community is what makes us special.


We live and work with courage

Our courage is what allows us to challenge the status quo and to be challenged in return. It enables us to stand for what is right, no matter how daunting the task in hand, and to make the right decisions when others might falter. It empowers us to say Yes and No, and to always stand our ground in the face of adversity. Our courage is what takes us forward and sets the foundation for our business. Our courage helps us achieve. Our courage is what sets us apart.


We have fun everyday

Because life is short; because hard work needn’t be a chore and rewards, recognition and the creation of memories go part and parcel with success. Our work is a serious business, but we endeavour not to take ourselves too seriously, staying real, being human, always seeking the positives and always remembering the value of a simple smile. Our sense of fun is what holds us together.


A word from our Founders

Our Founders set up Furnley House to be provide high quality advice and put people first.

Stefan Fura          John Woolhouse

                   Stefan Fura                                                        Neil Haley                                               John Woolhouse