Our Values

Our shared values guide our actions and define how we behave with our clients, our staff, professional connections and our community.  We care very much about these, and always consider them as we go about our work and as we look for new people to join our team.

Customer Focus and Client Centricity

We build lasting relationships with our clients, our associates and our staff.

Remaining focused, always listening and reacting where appropriate, places our customers at the heart of all our activities.


We plan to be here for clients, staff and our communities for generations to come.

We have a sustainable advice process, for our current clients but also for future generations and younger people who we look forward to advising in the future.

We also recruit and develop young talent. This means that we should have a sustainable business for years to come as developing someone from an early stage ensures they are a real asset to the business long term.


We have an innovative team that challenge the norm and are always on the lookout for new ways to improve.

Our mission, to help more people to lead the life they want to live along with our genuine passion for financial advice, enables us to be creative, contemporary and flexible, shaping opportunities.


Furnley House often get involved in local, charitable events; spreading the word to help raise awareness for our chosen charities and raising funds along the way. Our overarching goal is to make a difference to our local community

We strive to do the best for our stakeholders, staff, clients and community alike.

We like to create a sense of ownership and pride.


We like to do the right thing but also to try new things along the way, whilst always staying true to our core values.

We constantly take initiatives to empower our people, our clients and our community.

Taking ownership, we act upon opportunities and continuously seek innovative solutions.