Furnley House to provide ‘plantable’ books from Willsow to thank Leicester school for charity drive school for charity drive

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May 21, 2021 - Furnley House

Furnley House, a leading Leicestershire independent financial adviser has donated plantable children’s books from Willsow to St Patrick’s School in Leicester.

The firm’s charitable organisation, The Furnley House Foundation, has provided all 223 students at the St Patricks Catholic Voluntary Academy school with a book as a thank you for the generous donations made for its Christmas Shoebox Appeal last year where the children donated supplies of toiletries, clothes, food and treats for the homeless.

Purchased from Willsow, these innovative, educational and environmentally minded plantable books received national exposure last night after being featured on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den programme and attracting investment from Sara Davies.

The books are unique and the pages are made from seed paper that when planted in soil grow into the vegetable featured in the story. They aim to show how we all can do our part to recycle, grow our own food and look after the environment at the same time.

Tom Willday, founder at Willsow, went along with Furnley House to St Patrick’s school to help give out Willsow’s books and to read out some stories to the students after hearing more about the initiative.

Stefan Fura, Founder at Furnley House said:

“We are proud of our Leicestershire roots and recognise how important it is for us to lead by example in our community. We have a Leicester heart and fully intend to make sure Furnley House doesn’t just operate in the area but helps to ensure it thrives economically, socially and environmentally. For that reason we are thrilled to be able to work with Willsow, another like-minded local business to invest into our community.

Fura continues:

‘The children at St Patrick’s School all showed that they too have the best possible local principles and pride via their fantastic donations to our shoebox appeal last year. Providing these books is just one way for us to express our gratitude to them for their giving spirit and charitable attitude.”

Charlotte Lynch Head Teacher at St. Patrick’s School said:

“These books are a fantastic way to get our students engaged with thinking about sustainability and connecting with how food is actually grown. We want to thank Furnley House and Willsow for this amazing gesture and look forward to seeing all the veg grown by our students over the next few months!”