We’re Furnley House, the multi-award winning Independent Financial Planner and Mortgage Broker, founded in 2013 to provide high quality solutions to private individuals, families, business owners and corporate clients, helping them work towards and achieve their goals.

Whatever your stage in life, we’re here to help you achieve your financial goals. Whether your objective is the creation of wealth, its management and growth,  its protection or its transfer through generations, we want to be your financial planning partner.

Successful financial planning isn’t about “market timing” or “gut feel”. It’s about empathy, understanding and attention to detail, the application of knowledge, insightful research and robust process. It’s about listening. It requires care: sensible, investment management aimed to secure and increase value over time, the building of appropriate mechanisms to guard against the unknown and agreeing a plan that can meet your needs and aspirations and making sure that it remains on track.

We’re independent; in our thinking, behaviour and outlook. Our clients benefit from investment solutions, expertise, products, and services selected by us from the whole of the market and from our partnerships with key industry players, all of whom share our vision and values. We’re privately owned and we run our business purely with your best interests in mind.