Business Protection

One of our key roles as your financial planning partner is to safeguard the continuity of your business, by protecting those who look after it.

People are your greatest asset, and losing someone important to your business is a risk worth addressing. We can help you identify which individuals matter to your business and in what way, then establish the appropriate level of cover for each of them.

We specialise in all aspects of business protection, including:

Key person protection — in case a key individual dies or becomes critically ill
Shareholder protection — in case a partner or shareholder dies or becomes critically ill
Relevant life insurance — tax-efficient life insurance for employees and directors
Business loan protection — to cover any business debts

We’ll take a practical and objective view of the risks you face. For example, if one of your shareholders or partners died or became incapacitated, usually their shares would pass to their beneficiaries. That could disrupt your business and leave you without enough capital to buy back the shares and regain control. But with shareholder protection, you’d get a lump sum to help cover the cost of buying back those shares.

As your financial planning partner, we’ll think carefully about what works best for you. If you’re a director, cover can extend to both salary and dividend payments — so you can focus on getting well and returning to your role without other financial burdens or anxiety. You may also want to provide directors or employees with private medical insurance. We can search the whole market to find a solution that keeps both your business and your people healthy and thriving.