Matt Hughes

Chartered Independent Financial Adviser, Furnley House

Matt Hughes is a financial adviser at Furnley House. Holding a BSc in Maths and Philosophy from the University of Leeds, Matt is currently pursuing a part-time MSc in Finance from the University of Leicester.

Joining Furnley House in December 2019 through the acquisition of Richard Billington IFA Ltd, Matt's finance journey started after contemplating a career in teaching mathematics. He transitioned to become a finance officer in a local school, discovering his passion for financial advising in 2016. Matt holds a DipFA Level 4, Advanced DipFA Level 6 and is a Chartered Associate of the LIBF.

As a financial adviser, Matt's role is comprehensive, covering investments, pensions, retirement planning, and holistic financial advice. His approach involves tailoring explanations to each client's understanding, drawing on his background in maths and teaching to make financial concepts accessible.

In his free time, Matt stays active by engaging in nature photography, traveling to new places, and capturing images of animals. Beyond his hobbies, he enjoys home improvements, tackling everything from plumbing to laying patios. 


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