Neil Haley

IFA and Co-Founder, Furnley House

Born in Leicester, Neil Haley is one of the Co-Founders of Furnley House, contributing significantly to the firm's growth and success. His career in finance started by joining TSB Bank in September 1988. His qualifications include a CII Diploma, with just one exam away from achieving Chartered status.

Neil has consistently worked as an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) since the founding of Furnley House. Over the last decade, he embraced various roles in the growing business on a 'caretaker' basis, demonstrating his adaptability and commitment to the firm's expansion.

What sets Neil apart is his ability to put clients at ease and adeptly plan to help them achieve their goals. His adaptability extends to fostering the business's growth, ensuring Furnley House can assist more clients.

In his free time, Neil enjoys golf, football (as a spectator and occasional player), and holidaying with family and friends. 


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