From dreams to reality: Leicester's Inspirational Home Transformation

19.01.24 10:49 AM Comment(s) By Alicia

At Furnley House, we don't just talk the talk; we walk the walk. Last year, we officially became a certified B Corporation due to having met rigorous social and environmental standards. Being a B Corp Organisation is more than a label for us- it's a way of life. 

​In this blog post we want to share a heart-warming story that reflects the intersection of our professional expertise and our commitment to making a positive impact on the communities we serve. 

Meet David Sharp, one of our in-house mortgage advisers. David worked with a couple who are deeply passionate about fostering and adopting children. The couple dedicate their time to social work and community development, and they envisioned creating a larger, nurturing home for their extended family. This warming dream involved converting two properties into one - a real demonstration of their commitment to providing a haven for vulnerable children.

​While Furnley House can help clients’ source short-term finance options such as bridging finance, this couple discovered a unique community finance opportunity that aligned perfectly with their vision. Opting for this alternative source allowed them to complete the necessary renovations outside of the conventional avenues.

​As with any journey, challenges emerged. The clients returned to Furnley House post-renovation as they faced a tight deadline for repaying the short-term community finance. With short-term self-employment and a limited track record of benefit income, finding a suitable solution seemed daunting. The fact that the property was split across two title plans made the situation even more complicated.

But then there was David Sharp, the mortgage adviser on a mission to find a solution. Despite the hurdles, Furnley House identified a regulated mortgage provider willing to support the clients through the application process. ​
​Not only did we navigate the complexities, but we also secured refinancing for the clients within the mainstream market, whilst offering them some of the most competitive rates available.

​David shared, "Although there have been challenges along the way, it's amazing to see such a positive outcome for the clients, enabling them to continue their journey of supporting vulnerable children in the community. Now, they have a home designed with this noble purpose in mind."

If you're looking for a mortgage adviser who not only understands the complexities of the financial landscape but also values community impact, reach out to us. Let's work together to make your dreams a reality, just like we did for this inspiring couple.​
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