Meet our team: Matt Hughes

August 07, 2020 - Helen Ibbotson

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Get to know Matt Hughes, one of our Financial Planners and a Chartered Associate of The London Institute of Banking & Finance.

When and why did you join Furnley House?

I joined the Furnley House team in December 2019. Previously, I worked for a smaller independent advisory firm, Richard Billington IFA, training to be an adviser and building relationships with many of Richard’s clients. When he decided it was time to retire, we both wanted to find the right company who could provide the best solution to meet the clients’ needs as well as sharing the same values.

I spent a lot of time working with the Furnley House team beforehand and was impressed by the friendly, efficient, and diverse group of people who work within the company. It was clear that they put clients at the heart of everything they do which is something I firmly believe is the backbone of providing a great service for customers as well as leading to the best outcomes.


What are you most likely to be doing day to day?

Much of my time is spent working with existing clients and looking after their finances. An ongoing relationship involves reviewing the arrangements clients have to ensure they remain suitable and importantly, the best we have to offer. With the ever-changing investment landscape and legislation, financial advice has never been so crucial to ensuring our clients can reach their goals and make their money work for them.

Another key part of my day to day work is around helping clients understand their investments and finding the right solution to meet their needs.


What do you find most rewarding about your job?

Having worked with many different clients I would say the bit I enjoy most is being able to help clients achieve their goals. Whether that’s retiring, helping family get on the housing ladder or simply saving for their future, it’s so rewarding knowing the work I do helps them achieve these goals.

I also appreciate the technical side of finance and enjoy helping simplify this for clients so it can be easily understood and less of a burden.


What made you decide to work in financial advice?

Having studied mathematics and philosophy at university I have always found problem solving interesting. Whilst studying I always imagined going on to teach maths as it is a subject I enjoy and wanted to share with others. I soon realised that the world of teaching is not where I was best suited and instead got a role as a finance officer in a school. I filled the holidays working for a financial advice firm and enjoyed the work as well as the potential to help people. Soon afterwards I moved full time to work for Richard Billington IFA and began my training to be a financial adviser.


What do you like to do when you aren’t at work?

Outside of a global pandemic I like to keep busy seeing friends and family as well as travelling and seeing new places. I also enjoy doing home improvements and getting my hands dirty with a DIY project, most recently tiling a friends’ kitchen.


To make an appointment with Matt, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.